The cost is :Cost per head: Rs. 2500 (Min 20 Pax)

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. While it can be done without any equipment whatsoever, most climbers use climbing shoes to help secure footholds, chalk to keep their hands dry, and bouldering mats to prevent injuries from falls. Unlike free solo climbing, which is also performed without ropes, bouldering problems (the path that a climber takes in order to complete the climb) are usually less than 20 feet tall. Artificial climbing walls allow boulderers to train indoors in areas without natural boulders. Bouldering competitions, which employ a variety of formats, take place in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Location: Sundarijal, Kathmandu, Nepal.


1. Kishor Shahi                                (Climbing Guide)

What do you need to bring?
  • comfortable, loose fitting, preferably stretchable trouser. T shirts or full sleeve shirts.
What we provide?
  •  Rock shoes, Safety crash pads, Safety helmets, Magnesium chalk powder,   Safety Instructions, Demonstration by Professional Instructors.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and drinking water.
  Rock Features/ * Granite Rock (Tiny Sharp face)   Grading French Grade 5a – 5c Beginners level 6a – 6b+ Advance level

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