About Kishor Shahi

Kishor Shahi

Canyoning Guide, Climbing Instructor & Rescue Personnel

Mr. Kishor Shahi is the founder of Chhango the Canyoning Company, located in Sundarijal, Nepal. He is a highly experienced canyoning guide and has been working in the adventure tourism industry for over a decade. He has led numerous canyoning expeditions in Nepal and is considered one of the top canyoning experts in the country.

Mr. Shahi’s passion for adventure sports led him to establish Chhango the Canyoning Company, with the goal of providing safe and thrilling canyoning experiences for tourists. He has also been actively involved in promoting canyoning as an adventure sport in Nepal and has contributed to the development of canyoning as a popular tourist activity in the country.

With his vast knowledge and experience in canyoning, Mr. Shahi ensures that all canyoning expeditions organized by Chhango the Canyoning Company are conducted with the highest standards of safety and professionalism. His dedication to providing a unique and exciting adventure experience has made Chhango the Canyoning Company one of the top adventure tourism companies in Nepal.